Peri-Peri Butternut

An easy to make dinner that is sure to please everyone. This is a light dish that is still going to leave you filling full. It's also the perfect dish for Veganuary.


There is something just wonderful about slowly roasted vegetables. When the natural sugar contained in the butternut start to caramelised under the heat to bring out the sweet nutty flavour of the squash.

This dish requires very little hands on time which makes it perfect for the winter month, when we want to stay warm and cuddly under those blankets.

This is a great Vegetarian dish and one butternut will serve 2 people (you can use smaller butternut for the kids). You can also use this recipe as a side dish for a cut of meat or a Sunday roast.

We used our own Peri-Peri sauce for this dish but you can use any brand you like and how spicy you want it (from mild to Hot). For the vegetable stock, you can use the cube (follow the instructions on the packet), ready made stock or you can make your own.

Making you're own vegetable stock is a great way to use vegetable skin, offcut and wilted herbs. Plus you can freeze it and always have it on hand.

You can make your own variation of this dish by replacing or adding ingredients. You can replace the couscous by quinoa or a creamy risotto. But you can add nuts of your choice (Almonds, Pecan, ... ), spices (Curry, Cumin, ... ) or more vegetables (Peas, Tomatoes, ... ) or even feta cheese.

Peri Peri butternut
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