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Who we Are ?

Ashika was born in South Africa and grew up on the outskirt of Durban and came to Ireland over 15 years ago.

Julien was born in France and grew up on the outskirt of Paris and came to Ireland over 10 years ago.

We worked in different kitchens across Ireland (Killashee, Powerscourt, Cliff group) over the years until our path crossed. With that experience we decided to create

Lekker Food Collection.


We wanted to open a place where we could share our experience and love of South Africa and of the food. A place for South African to have a taste of home away from home and for Irish people to discover the taste of Africa.

We also wanted to share with you the forgotten bakes that France is known for. 

The regional biscuit that granny used to make or French classics that are rare to find. Keeping traditional recipe alive and passing through generations.


Our aim is also to showcase Irish products and producers by buying local as much as it's possible and by being aware of our impact, either on the local economy our by sourcing sustainable packaging.

Ashika & Julien